Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bare Bear

a Davey's Family story

500 words based on a sentence selected by Dive. Click here for more info.

This week's sentence is from Garrison Keillor's "Radio Romance"So what happened to Hoyt Buford?


“Can I go read until dinner’s ready?” Davey asked.

Ma’s parents, Bubbie and Grandpa, were visiting. The hors d’ oeuvres were long gone, but dinner was still cooking.

Ma and Bubbie talked quietly in the kitchen. Pop and Grandpa sat in the club chairs in front of the big picture window in the living room, smoking cigarettes and making awkward conversation. Davey fidgeted on the sofa.

“No, you may not hide in a book while we have company. Why don’t you take Bubbie and Grandpa upstairs and show them your room?” Ma said.

“Do you wanna see my room?” Davey asked, less than enthusiastically.

“Of course we do, dear,” said Bubbie, beckoning Davey and Grandpa toward the stairs. Pop heaved himself out of his chair, ground out his cigarette in a glass ashtray and followed them upstairs.

Davey led the way, opening the door to his small bedroom, then standing aside to let his grandparents enter first. His room was neat as a pin, books stacked, clothing put away, bed made . Bare Bear sat in the place of honor, centered against the bed pillow.

“It’s lovely, dear” said Bubbie. “Everything in its place. You’re such a good boy.”

“And how’s Bare Bear these days?” Grandpa asked.

“Grandpa, do you like Bare Bear?” Davey asked. “Sergeant Buford sent him from Florida.”

“That’s a name we haven’t heard in a while. So what happened to Hoyt Buford?” Bubbie asked Pop. “You don’t mention him much since you got out of the service.”

“Married a local girl. Moved to Florida.” Pop said with a shrug. “Sent the bear when Davey was born.”

“And why does Bare Bear look so sad, Davey?” Bubbie asked. “He seems a little worse for the wear.”

“I took him outside to read last week and Patch, the dog from next door, grabbed him.  I grabbed him back, but his arm came off and some of his insides came out.” Davey said. “Ma sewed him back up and he’s ok, mostly, I guess.”

“Well, I think Bare Bear needs a trip to the doll hospital in New York . They can get him all fixed up, good as new,” said Bubbie.

“We can take him home with us tonight,” Grandpa agreed, “and bring him back in a few weeks when he’s all better.”

Pop sighed loudly from the doorway “You’re getting too big for a teddy bear, son.”

“But he’s my friend. Any your friend gave him to me,” Davey said.

The kitchen time rang loudly. Ma called out, “Dinner’s ready!”

Bubbie headed to the kitchen to help Ma bring dinner to the table. Pop stomped downstairs, lighting a cigarette Ma would insist he put out before sitting down.

Grandpa lingered in Davey’s room, putting a comforting arm around the boy. “Don’t worry, dear. We’ll convince your Pop. Bare Bear will come home with us, I promise. They’ll even give him a ribbon to wear around his neck and he won’t be Bare Bear anymore.”


copyright (c) 2010 Lulubelle B

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dive said...

Aaah, that's so sweet, Lulu.
I do like your Davey stories. I hope we hear more from him (and Bare Bear, too).