Thursday, March 24, 2011

This One's For Dive

a Lulubelle's Sexytime Romance

Not quite 500 words based on a photo selected by Dive.  It's not 500 words, but I think it does the trick.

Warning – this story is much more “adult” than my usual entries. If you are easily offended please avert your eyes and move on to the next blog. Seriously – this story's got some of that romance novel naughtiness that we've seen before... and it starts with a bang.


Straddling him, she gasped and rocked faster, pressing her nether lips hard against him as he moved rhythmically inside her in the ancient, horizontal dance of love. Her deep, resonant groan, the vibrations traveling the length of her spine to the echo chamber between her legs , brought him closer to the precipice.

She sighed a long, shuddering sigh, her head thrown back, her waist-length auburn curls tickling his naked thighs, breasts straining skyward against her tee-shirt, the firm, fleshy grand tetons that first caught his attention all those years ago in the campus pub as she danced with her roommates, Skynyrd blasting from the speakers and the crowd of raucous freshman, giddy with their first taste of freedom, parted for an instant to let his eyes ravish her in all her 18-year-old glory.

She sighed again, her girl-tunnel clasping the full length of his throbbing love train over and over in secret embrace in the side parking lot around the corner from the Piggly Wiggly. As her love spasms peaked he moaned and grasped her hips, pulling her closer as he thrust upwards with all the strength he and the little blue pill could muster.

Spent, he lay back, eyes closed, legs splayed, a quivering jellyfish of a man. She leaned forward, affectionately pinching one of his nubbins with one hand as she took her purse from under his head with the other, then rising gracefully and smoothing her skirt. She paused to look down at his not-too-hairy legs, white socks and brown shoes, then dropped his crumpled khaki shorts over his flaccid man-parts as she turned to slip into the black SUV in the next parking space.

“See you at home, babe, after you finish your errands,” she said. “And don’t forget to pick up the dry cleaning.”


copyright (c) 2011 Lulubelle B


dive said...

Oh, Lulu, you are back with a real lulu. The dodgy euphemism barrel has been scraped clean and polished so you can see your face in it. Brilliant! I so needed cheering up and this really hit the spot.
I have to go and meet somebody very po-faced in the city in a few minutes and this shall keep me smirking throughout.
I'll post it up when I get home.

Petrea said...

I absolutely love that her purse was under his head, and that my photo has charged such gyrations of the imagination.

Kate said...

OMG, Lulu! I haven't been around much, but when I went on Dive's site and he promised me porn over at your place? I was right...on it. So to speak.

Vanda said...

Good one Lulu! This one made me laugh out loud. It's nicely naughty and I love the little details and the euphemisms. The ending rules.