Saturday, June 9, 2012

Natural Blonde

a Lulu & Friends story

500 words inspired by the Weekend Wordsmith prompt “that’s typical


Benni sat cross-legged on the floor of the short hallway between the bedroom and the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, examining her reflection in the full length mirror propped against the wall in front of her.  She had a date with a new fella tonight and wanted to look perfect.  She double checked her makeup and hair, her head and shoulders framed by the halo of hairspray glistening on the wall behind her.

Lulu sat on the sofabed in the living room, turning pages in a magazine and half watching television, waiting for her turn in the bathroom.  She was going out tonight, too.  She and Lily were going to dinner at First Wok and then maybe a movie.

“What do you think?” said Benni, posing in the doorway to her bedroom in a white cotton dress with black polka dots.  “It’s new.  Isn’t it cute?”

“I can see your underwear,” said Lulu.

“No you can’t,” said Benni.

“I can see the pattern of the lace and the pearl in the middle of the little satin bow in the front,” said Lulu.

“But they’re white,” said Benni.

“And I can see them perfectly through the dress,” said Lulu.  “Go put on another pair.”

“How ‘bout these?” said Benni.

“Nope,” said Lulu.  “Purple flowers on a light blue background.  Don’t you have anything neutral?  Something beige?”

“I’m not gonna wear granny pants on a date,” said Benni.

“Who would know?” said Lulu.

Benni sighed heavily and rolled her eyes.

“Ok,” said Lulu.  “What about pantyhose.  Do you have any with a control top and a built-in panty?”

“Just black,” said Benni.  “Would that go?  The polka dots are black.”

“You can’t wear black hose with a white dress and white shoes,” said Lulu.

“Why not?” said Benni.  “Black and white always go together.”

“Don’t you have nude or ivory?” said Lulu.

“Maybe I’ll just skip it,” said Benni, tossing the panties into her room.

“You can’t go out in just a dress and shoes unless the building’s on fire,” said Lulu.  “I can tell you’re not wearing a bra.”

"You have too many rules,” said Benni.  “Who died and made you Miss Manners?”

“It’s gross,” said Lulu, “but at least you’re a natural blonde.”

“This is so typical,” said Benni.  “You’re jealous because I met someone and you’re just going out with Lily and will be home alone in time for Saturday Night Live as usual.”

“And this is so typical of you,” said Lulu, “starting up with a new guy before the last one’s barely out the door.

“What do you care?” said Benni.  “Anyway, I think I look cute and with any luck you won’t see me ‘til after brunch tomorrow.”

“Luck has nothing to do with it,” said Lulu.

“Bitch,” said Benni, picking up her purse and flouncing out of the apartment, letting the door slam behind her.

“Typical,” said Lulu, heading for the shower and an hour’s peace before leaving to meet Lily over on First Avenue.


Copyright © 2012 Lulubelle B

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